Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from the Bioshelter's Solarium

Easter in the Garden
Ajuga:  Bugleweed


Marsh Marigolds
Now I understand why the former owner of this garden 
became a flower artist.  

These are my photos, followed by a couple of her paintings.
Louanne's Painted Callylilly

My white hanging flowers

My begonias
Louanne's painting


My yellow iris

The rest of these are not as majestic, but they are blooming and it's still cold outside.  That makes them majestic to me. 
Yummy Nasturtium


First open geranium

Almost open geranium

Biennial Petunias in the geranium pot

Red, shade-loving begonias

                Soapwort---tiny pink flowers

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Unknown said...

Ah, I remember it wonderful to have all those blooms when there is still so much snow outside! Spring is coming...and for you spring is there!!

Thanks for using my photos...