Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall in the Chugach State Forest

The birch leaves are golden and are framing the snow-capped peak out of my window. The sun is setting at 7:44pm and the very top peak of the mountain is catching the last rays of sun as it dips down in the northwest for the night. The peaks color is orange matching the trees. It's truly spectacular.

I tried a photo, but cameras just don't do nature any favors. You'll just have to imagine it. Look, you can't even see the peak!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

As many of you know, Alaska is on the forefront of Global Cimate Change. The ice is melting, the tundra is exhaling centuries of methane, polar bears and walrus are trying to find food on land. . .the list goes on. Presbyterians have churches in many of the arctic villages which are being affected by the global problems. Here, for a change, is some good news.

Anaktuvuk Pass is a small village in the Brooks Range in Alaska. It was recently chosen to test a sustainable house for a village family. The Cold Climate Research Center in Fairbanks held community meetings so that the entire community helped develop the house. Read more about it here:

Recently the Presbyterian Church there celebrated its 50th anniversary and those who attended toured the new house. Yukon Presbyterians for Earth Care are trying to share the news.

To view the photos of the house as well as the 50th anniversary, please "friend" Presbytery Yukon on Facebook.