Monday, December 21, 2009

It's solstice!

About 3 weeks ago now, I stood in the kitchen and watched my shadow move ever-so-slowly across the pantry door. It took only about 3 or 4 minutes to watch and then it was gone. The sun had moved behind the peak of Mount Eagle, making the brilliantly white mountain a beacon in the blue, blue sky.

Now each day there is light, but no sun rays are coming in to dance on the ripples in the pond. The fish are all hiding---I'm not sure where. I haven't seen them for about a week now since the temperature has dropped below 40 degrees in the solarium. The yellow begonias are still blooming though, as well as some other flowers, making fun of the piles of snow just outside the windows.

The grasses are all turning yellow, but the green vine that lines the creek is still sending out shoots and producing big, green leaves. I think it's taking advantage of the cold: all of the aphids have died. The strawberries have stopped flowering, but they are still green. They are lying in wait to send out their tentacles when the sun returns.

I love watching the changes in the seasons and like the plants, I'm waiting for the sun to return to bring new life again. That should be in about 6 short weeks. Just time enough to get the seeds started!

Merry Christmas.