Friday, March 18, 2011

Finally I got my LadyBugs!

Leslie, Triena and I stopped in at Sutton's Greenhouse yesterday and THEY HAD LADYBUGS!!!  Besides ladybugs, all of their little plants were up and growing.  It felt like summer in there.  

So,  after spending the night in the refrigerator, I turned them loose.   At first they were a little groggy. 

Then they started waking up!  
 Headed north!  Yikes! 

So I started dumping them out from the bag!  Much better. 

Now, go at it LADIES!  Eat aphids until you die!!!  And I mean it!

(Well, I guess there are male lady bugs, because I've seen them.  Unless they were just giving each other piggy back rides or something.)  

This one ignored my command.  I think she or he was THIRSTY!

Stay tuned for the battle of the aphids.