Monday, February 22, 2010

Here comes the sun.


The sun came over the Hurley Gurleys about the 2nd week in January and it keeps getting sunnier and warmer in the solarium all the time. This week has been characterized with temperatures of almost 60 every day and moving, hungry fish! What a difference from last year when they didn't come out until after the Equinox and only because I put tiny fish in there to annoy them. The tiny feeder fish didn't last long---they were picked off one by one. My koi don't play well with others.

Also, spikes of vines are shooting sunward and I'm wacking them as fast as possible. I have found the enemy aphids still alive. So since they love those new growth leaves on the vines, I'm throwing them out in the compost heap in the barrel to freeze them, I hope!

I've started lettuce and carrots downstairs in the basement. I guess it's moist enough down there to go without watering. (I forgot) Something still came up. Must be the humidity.

It looks like spring, it smells like spring. . . it must be spring!

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